What's the average cost of a funeral?

Many people not only want to know they are receiving great service from a recommended funeral but also want to know the average cost of a funeral. At Andrew Phillips Funeral Services we always aim to make things as easy as possible to compare.

Below in the graph shows the average cost vs our cost for different funeral services. It is also worth noting that when comparing costs that you ensure you check what is covered. For example some simple funerals contain a lot of restrictions like time of day etc. We also understand that a simple funeral service isn't always just about cost.

Some families need support when paying for funeral costs and we work with the DWP and accept payments from them towards the cost of the funeral. This is typically worked out based on your entitlements but usually is the cost of the cremation or burial 3rd party fees and then a contribution of approx £700 towards our fees.

In addition to supporting families with cost we offer a Simple Funeral Package at the Crematorium for £2,995 with a small service at a local crematorium.

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Andrew Phillips Funeral Services Cost Comparison

Source: *The SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2015.