Pre-Planning your own funeral can be a surefast way of ensuring that your wishes are followed as well as making things easier for those who you will leave behind.

At Andrew Phillips Funeral Services we offer complete pre paid funeral plans with a number of options for payment.

There are a number of ways a funeral can be pre planned. The first part is understanding what you will want to happen upon your death. We call this a Funeral Planning Record, the second part is the payment which will form part of this plan.

Funeral Planning Record

Usually when pre-planning a funeral we will meet with you to discuss exactly what you will want to happen, this can either be done in person or over the phone. Once this has been discussed we will fill out a Funeral Planning Record detailing your wishes. We will then post this out to you for you to sign and return a copy to us. You can also complete a Funeral Planning Record online which is a complementary service with no obligation by clicking the below button and we will send out the information to you completed.

Pre-Payment Plan

If you then wish to pre-pay for this plan we will give you a quote for the plan. This will include the type of funeral you have chosen taking into account our professional services and disbursements. The arrangement fee for this plan is £235 which is used to administer the plan and place the plan in trust.

We will guarantee our professional services until the plan is needed so you have the benefit of paying for the funeral at today's prices.

With the cost of funerals rising each year pre-paying for your funeral can give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Once this is completed you will received a copy of your funeral planning record along with your pre-payment plan. If you would like more information on our pre-plan funerals then please click the link below:

Our funeral plans are all managed through Ecclesiastical Planning Services