If the service takes place at multiple locations, mourners may wish to attend only one part of the service. Those wishing to attend the service at both locations will usually follow behind the coffin and family to the graveside. You may wish for one part of the service to be for the attendance of close family only, which of course is entirely your decision to make. Once all mourners are present at the graveside, the officiator will begin this part of the service and the coffin will be lowered into the grave. At the end of the service, family may wish to scatter earth or place flowers into the grave.

Remember, if you have any specific requests then please do let your funeral director know and we will do our very best to facilitate these wishes.


A cremation service can be religious or non-religious or you may decide to have no service at all. The service will normally last between 30-45 minutes, allowing time for mourners to enter the chapel, hold the service and exit the chapel. If you feel that you need a longer period of time, it is possible to book the following service slot at the crematorium for an additional fee.

The service can be held at a different location if you prefer, such as a Church, followed by a committal ceremony at the crematorium. You can arrange for your own Minister to carry out the service or your funeral director can help with finding a suitable person to lead the service for you. We work with a variety of Ministers and Celebrants that we can recommend, or one of our funeral directors could lead the funeral service for you.

To Andrew, Tracey, Donna and all at Andrew Phillips
I just wanted to pass on a thank you from the family for the compassionate and professional way you dealt with things on our behalf at dad’s funeral yesterday.
We appreciate that everything was done to a very tight timescale but thought the arrangements and service went very well and everything was exactly as we wanted it.
— stuart

Green Funerals

Green Funerals can be especially meaningful for families, who believe that preserving the environment is very important, as well as providing a fitting tribute for the person who has died. 

There are a number of ways in which you can make a funeral greener, from choosing where the cremation or burial will take place to choosing what type of coffin is used. Burials and cremations, as with everything in life, use natural resources and fossil fuels. Working to limit the amount of these natural resources, used in the funeral service, can significantly decrease the impact on the environment. So for people who want to minimise the impact on the environment then this can be an important choice and something which we can guide you through.