Cremation in the UK is achieved by burning fossil fuels and quite often the age of the crematorium will depend on whether the energy usage is efficient or not. For example Redditch crematorium recycles heat waste to heat the local swimming pool, as well as removing mercury in line with EU legislation and was awarded a green apple award for their ambitious project. So selecting this crematorium as a venue where the funeral takes place is a step closer to a greener funeral.

Choosing an environmentally friendly coffin can also be a big step towards reducing emissions into the atmosphere and at Andrew Phillips Funeral Service we offer a wide range of environmentally friendly coffins to make sure you can achieve a greener funeral.

After the cremation choosing how to remember your loved one can also have a big impact on the environment. For example using urns or caskets which will naturally break down without causing damage to the environment.


A green burial is usually achieved by choosing a biodegradable coffin or one that is constructed of natural materials such as wicker or cardboard. The internment can then also take place innatural surroundings, such as a meadow or woodland area.

Burial in a shroud is also proving to be a way in which to decrease the impact on the environment as a coffin is not used at all in this case.

Natural burial grounds are designed to fit in within the local environment as well as providing homes to wildlife. Some natural burial grounds will insist on metal fittings if a wooden coffin is chosen or that the person who has passed away has not been embalmed.

When opting for a greener funeral, choosing not to embalm is a significant way to reduce the risk of harmful chemicals being released. Embalming fluid is comprised of formaldehyde, which some people believe can be damaging to the environment.

The use of wild flowers to mark the grave, rather than a headstone, can also benefit the environment and help the bee population, which is in decline.

So to find out more about how to make a funeral greener please don't hesitate to contact us on 01684 563983 or 01905 616222. We are experienced in conducting all aspects of a green funeral or natural burial.

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