Cremation Only Package

Our Cremation Only Package or sometimes known as a direct cremation is an all-inclusive, practical, low-cost alternative to a traditional funeral service for families who want a cremation for their loved one but without a service at the crematorium.

There are many reasons why a family may choose this type of funeral for their loved one, they may wish to hold a service at a later date as a larger expression of this person they have lost or the person who has died did not want this type of service. Because of this we are proud to be able to offer these services at a fair affordable price from a local independent funeral firm.

Our Cremation only service includes the following:

  • Bringing your loved one into our care within 30 miles of our funeral home
  • Doctor's and Cremation fees
  • Care of your loved one and preparation for the funeral including dressing in a white robe.
  • Allocated Cremation only service at Worcester Crematorium
  • Transport to the Crematorium in a private ambulance
  • The attendance of the Funeral Director and his team at the time of the Cremation
  • Simple foil finish coffin available in Oak, Mahogany or Elm

Cost of a Direct Cremation

We are able to offer this service for £1,850 including all of the necessary disbursements (otherwise known as 3rd party fees.)

To find out more information on our Cremation Only Package please call 01684 563983 or 01905 616222.

Some people may also want to be present during the cremation and we can offer full flexibility for the same cost.