At Andrew Phillips Funeral Services we offer a wide range of coffins, in all kinds of styles and choices. Our Coffins are to the highest standard and where possible are sourced locally or here in the UK.


Our Wood Venered coffins are produced locally just outside of Malvern, There are a number of options available starting from our Venered Regent Oak starting from £375.

Our Solid hardwood coffins are made here locally just outside of Malvern. Each coffin can be personalised to your individual needs.

Our Solid hardwood caskets are locally produced here just outside of Malvern. They are handmade to the highest standards and are available from 



Our Imperial Mahogany Coffin with a split lid and high quality finish. Last Supper painting optional. 

Our Italian style caskets are constructed from wood and offer a split lid.

Our Metal superior American caskets are available in all different styles and fittings.

Our Willow coffins are made here in the UK in Somerset, they are hand made and crafted to each families request. The come in a variety of colours and start from £1,180.

Our Environmental Coffins offer a real alternative to standard coffins, availible in wool and other materials

Our Cardboard coffins are made here in the UK, we use two suppliers offering different styles, with our cardboard coffins they can be tailored to any design from Pictures to scenes they start from £295 for a Economy Brown and up to £650 for a personalised coffin.