Burial Service

Burials have traditionally taken place in cemeteries or churchyards, however Woodland and Natural burials are becoming a more popular option.

In Malvern and Worcestershire there are a number of locations to choose from such as Great Malvern Cemetery, Malvern Wells Cemetery and Astwood Cemetery.

If you choose to have a religious burial, you may wish for the service to begin in a church or cemetery chapel, although the service can take place solely at the graveside if you would prefer.

If the service is non-religious you may like the service to begin in the cemetery chapel or another venue of your choice.

If the service takes place at multiple locations, mourners may wish to attend only one part of the service. Those wishing to attend the service at both locations will usually follow behind the coffin and family to the graveside. You may wish for one part of the service to be for the attendance of close family only, which of course is entirely your decision to make. Once all mourners are present at the graveside, the officiator will begin this part of the service and the coffin will be lowered into the grave. At the end of the service family may wish to scatter earth or place flowers into the grave.

Remember, if you have any specific requests then please do let your funeral director know and we will do our very best to facilitate these wishes.