Funeral Poverty - Quaker Social Action

Around this time of year bereavement can not only be a difficult period emotionally but can also be a challenge financially.

Andrew Phillips Funeral Services is proud to have joined the national campaign to tackle Funeral Poverty and have pledged to provide a fair deal to those families on lower incomes within the local and wider community.

Funeral Poverty exists when the cost of the funeral is beyond the ability to pay. One in seven people now experience serious financial difficulty when paying for a funeral and the cost of dying has risen 7 times faster than the cost of living. At the same time the grant available from the state has dwindled meaning that the gap has increased dramatically.

Quaker Social Action launched Fairer Funerals Campaign in 2014 to tackle the underlying causes of Funeral Poverty and to try and help stop people having to use pay day lenders.

At Andrew Phillips Funeral Services we will always work with those families who find it difficult to plan the funeral where there is a challenge financially and we are proud to have helped and supported families in these situations in the past.

So if you are concerned about paying for a funeral, please don’t hesitate to call us for helpful free advice on 01684 563983 or write and request information at:-

Andrew Phillips Funeral Services, De Lys, Wells Road, Malvern Wells, WR14 4JL.