Funeral Costs on the rise

There have been several news stories recently highlighting the cost of funerals rising by 80% from 2004 to 2014. Is this scaremongering or a real concern?

One thing is for sure is that the costs from suppliers and 3rd parties are rising with some Crematoriums having increased their charges by £150 in the last two years alone. This might not seem much but when you add up all of the 3rd parties smaller rises as well as supplier increases it all adds up meaning that the cost of dying is going up.

Pre-planning your funeral can one sure fast way of ensuring that you know the cost of your funeral as stating your wishes.  

We offer full pre-payment plans and will guarantee our costs which means you can have peace of mind of planning and paying for your funeral at today's prices.

All of our plans are set up in trust in conjunction with the funeral planning trust which is regulated by the Funeral Planning Authority.

As a local independent family funeral directors we regularly help families who are really concerned about the cost of a funeral.  So for free friendly expert advice don't hesitate to contact myself or Avril for more information  on securing your funeral at today's prices.