The history behind our building: First look

In the modern world, you expect that every little piece of information on the web. This, however, isn’t true as I found out today.  I have started working on looking into the history behind our building. This has proven to be quite a challenge as looking for the historical archives online isn’t easy. I decided to get in contact with the local library and the local council because they may be able to tell me where I could look and whether or not they had any information.

The websites I visited did warn me that it could take up to 10 working days for someone to reply to me so as soon as I have heard back from them I will be able to tell you more.

I hope that the history of the building is as good as I expect it to be considering the architecture of the building and the stories people have told us when passing by.

Updates to follow!

- Aimee Pugh

Lilac & Dill

We work with a local florist based in Ledbury who creates beautiful funeral tributes such as posies, wreaths and sprays especially for woodland and natural settings.

Flowers from Lilac and Dill are picked from an organic holding in Herefordshire, where the flowers have grown naturally without the use of pesticides and fertilisers.

The tributes are created from the best of what is currently in season, giving a fresh and wild countryside look.

Sharon and Sonia can work through us or directly with families to create a bespoke funeral tribute. Their care and attention to detail assists in adding a personal touch to each individual arrangement.

To see more of the wonderful tributes Lilac and Dill can create please follow the link below to view their gallery.

The Latest flowers which were brought by Lilac & Dill today - They are lovely.